Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc.

Education For All in Papua New Guinea



The Melanesia Education Development Foundation of Papua New Guinea passionately believes in the Value of Education as a powerful tool for change and bring lasting development to the mass less fortunate people of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Currently, Papua New Guinea is one of the most least developing country in the world today as per the United Nation's Development Index of developing countries in the world. 

Development of Papua New Guinea and its people begins with investment in Education, Education, and Education for social and economic change. Unfortunately, ninety five percent (95%) of PNG children/students are being forced out of the public education system making them less fortunate in gaining access to full education with survival skills. These children/students become the "Drop-Outs" who needs immedidate support.

The United Nation's Universal Education Policy application for all children in Papua New Guinea shall continue to remain a huge challenge to achieve.  Therefore, the children's right to education shall continue to remain a huge challenge to acheive in Papua New Guinea.

The Melanesia Education Development Foundation's programs are designed to address the prevelant educational needs and gaps of the less fortunate children/students, the school drop-outs, and needy schools throughout Papua New Guinea in order to ultimately improve the standards of living for all in Papua New Guinea.


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